Because we want to stay together

Build a world where all youth are safe, strong & valued

Our Current Project


food less people
supplying teran
Supplying corona prevent tools
supplying food
waiting for food

Supply Food , Treatment & etc

Dear Donor, We are trying to prevent people poverty during Covid-19 situation.

Creating public awareness

We are creating mass awareness about Covid-19


We Build a world where all helpless children are safe, strong & valued

We are an organization based group whose job is to find the disenfranchised, the downtrodden, the miserable, the uneducated, the hungry, the afflicted, the homeless, the sick, the oppressed people from the heart of the earth and build social bonds by providing them appropriate assistance.

We want no unrest in the world, no injustice, no starvation, no child loss of parental affection, no child deprived of education, no child labor on earth, no child abuse by adults Don't be tortured, no woman should be tortured by miscreants, every criminal should be brought under the law and appropriate punishment should be meted out by appropriate trial.

helpless children
Wating for food
play together
In line for getting foods
Children eating food



— We Find & Fund

We find sick people, miserable people, helpless people, hungry people and we help them


— We Build Networks

We create area based networks to facilitate our work


— We Strengthen

We are strong from our morale and with the support you give


— We teach

We provide formal education to underprivileged children And we teach people who don't have the opportunity to study financially.


— We Provide Care

We take care of helpless and distressed children and try to raise them as appropriate human beings.


— We give treatment

We try to heal sick and vulnerable women, children and men by keeping them under our care.


Do you want to be our partner ?

If you would like to stand by our organization and stand by the helpless disadvantaged people, send us your important message and let us know and help the organization financially.

With your money the sick are healed, the food is given to the hungry, the rights of the disenfranchised are realized, the food and clothing of the helpless and orphaned children are treated and educated and above all social bonds are built among all so let our organization help the society. Take it forward



Support us and change the course of a child’s life today!